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This webpage presents some personal projects I have been working on and, I am still working on.


I have programmed and created a Jeopardy version for Amiga that I use once in a while in weddings and parties. The system consists of both hardware and software, and is quite similar to the Jeopardy game-show you see on TV. The hardware consists of the door-bells connected to a joystick, while the main purpose of the software is to produce the game-board, presenting the answers, and taking care of the score. My Jeopardy version runs on every Amiga with OS 2.0 or above. It is recommended that a video-projector is used to show the the game-board and the score on a wall. Here are some pictures of my Jeopardy version:

The CAGIS document database

I am involved in a project called CAGIS, and in the beginning of this project we had difficulties in sharing the documents we had and used. I therefor decided to make an web-based document sharing database for the documents we write and use in CAGIS. The result was the CAGIS document database. The system is programmed in Perl and has a CGI-interface to the web. From the web-interface, the users can search for documents specifying authors names, keywords, description etc, look at details about documents, add/remove links to documents, etc. Most of the system is protected by an password, but there is also an external interface for looking at public documents of the CAGIS-project. Here is a link to the public interface to the CAGIS database.

Simple process workflow system

I have created a simple workflow tool with a web-interface to demonstrate some of my ideas. The workflow system was implemented in Perl and CGI is used to provide a web-interface to the client. Currently four different tools are integrated in this system:

  • Form-based modelling tool
  • Process/workflow engine/server
  • Process/workflow monitor
  • XML model parser
If you want to take a look at the system, click here.

Finge Web-designer

After spending too much time on trying to design webpages and to make all webpages look the same, I decied to create a Web-designer to make these things easier for me. The Finge Web-designer is a Perl-based CGI-script, and where the user specifies how the webpages shall look by ajusting different parameters. The contents of the webpages must be written in simple HTML, and are used at input files to the system. When you're satisfied with a design, you save it to disk and format all your html files with it. Take a look here to see how Fine Web-designer works.

Flexible Guestbook

2nd of November 1999, I made my second version of my guestbook for my webpage. The guestbook is programmed in Perl and I use the Common Gateway Interface to make availeble on the Web. To make it possible to change the design of the guestbook totally, I now use XML (eXtended Markup Language) to represent the guest-entries. By using XML it is easier to change entries, if that is neccesary, and adding elements to the entries are also easier. The Document Type Decleartion for the guestbook is currently:

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