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There are really a lot of things that I am interested in regarding computers, programming and technology. I have always enjoyed playing around with electronic equipment with buttons, display and sound. Since I was 10 years old, I have been programming different types computer with different programming languages. Programming languages I have used are: Assembly, Basic, Turbo Pascal, AMOS, C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, SmallTalk, Perl, Prolog, XPCE (object-oriented extension of prolog to program GUI), AREXX, Rebol, HTML, and some other scripting languages and PLS languages. Recently, I have been programming quite a lot Perl and some Java.

Her is a list of things that I have been working with and that I am interested in:

  • Configuration Management (CM) - I worked for two years with CM-system to improve cooperative support between people. I also had to do learn how to use an object-oriented database.
  • Re-engineering of legacy systems - For one year I worked for a ESPRIT project called Renaissance and got insight information about how to move/change legacy systems to meet new requirements. In this project we looked at migration of data, what process to follow, middleware, wrapping of applications, web-interfaces etc.
  • Software Process Modelling - Since 1997 I have been working with software process modelling. This includes how to model software processes, how to handle changing processes, how to handle dynamic processes, how to support cooperative processes etc. I have worked on the EPOS prototype and have also developed two other workflow/process systems in addition.
  • Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) - I have always been interested in making and configuration nice GUIs.
  • Computer graphics and multimedia - Although I have some background in programming computer graphics and multimedia programming, I have most experience in using tools for producing computer graphics and multimedia. Tools I have been using are: paint/picture tools (Deluxe Paint V, Photoshop, Paint shop, Image Editor, Photogenics, etc), ray-tracing tools (Imagine, Real 3D, Alladin 4D), multimedia software (Scala, Powerpoint, AMOS...), music software (Bars and Pipes Pro, Octamed, Cakewalk etc).
  • Web-applications - My main interest here are HTML, CGI-programming using Perl and Java-applets, Java servlets.
  • Distributed Object technology - CORBA (maybe DCOM), JavaSpaces.
  • Agent technology - Mobile agents (Aglets, MASIF), Jumping Beans
  • Database technology - Distributed databases and object-oriented databases.
  • Mobile devices - Integration of mobile devices like PDA, Mobile Phondes, Portable PC's etc...

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