This is the homepage for the CAGIS project. CAGIS is short for Cooperative Agents in a Global Information Space. The CAGIS project, that was started in 1997, is sponsored by the Norwegian Resarch Council's Distributed Information Systems (DITS) Programme. An overall objective for the project is to offer ageneric platform for e.g. concurrent engineering. That is, CAGIS will support IT-based cooperation among humans who are geographically differently located, and who live in a:

  1. Global Information Space, characterized by hetrogenity in form and content, supported by a
  2. Global Network of Interconnected Computers to enable effective and supportive cooperation between decentralized agents, being human, software and hybrid ones.

CAGIS has recently been extended with an activity on applying CAGIS theory and technology to computer-assisted learning (CAL). CAGIS has received funding for one additional PhD student and we are currently looking for candidates. See PhD fellowship announcement and project description for CAL extension (called CAGIS-2).

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