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I am currently a research scientist in the Software Engineering Group (SU) at the Department for Computer and Information Science (IDI) of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.

I do research on usage aspects of intelligent systems. I try to understand how intelligent artefacts fit into human work processes, and describe methods for the development of intelligent artefacts which take socio-technical issues into account. I particularly look at Case-Based Reasoning type of systems, a lazy learning technique which solves new problems by using and adopting solutions to older problems which the system has seen before.

I am mostly involved with the ASTRA project which explores the concept of pervasive awareness. Awareness systems in the ASTRA sense are are computer mediated communication systems that help individuals or groups build and maintain a peripheral awareness of each other.

I joined the former Artificial Intelligence and Learning-group at NTNU (which became a part of the Division of Intelligent Systems (DIS) later) in 2000 as a research fellow. Until February the same year, I was working at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, Germany. I was a member of the (now defunct) process control and robotics-group at the department of informatics.

My main interests were in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Systems and their application in autonomous robotics and pattern recognition.

Before that, I studied informatics, psychology and philosophy at the Carl von Ossietzky University. I graduated with the german degree of Diplom-Informatiker.

Research-wise, you are probably most interested in my publications, for other information take a look at the different sections of this site or my blog. Enjoy.


In my second life, I have until december 2007 worked as the Staff Engineer for the Division of Intelligent Systems (DIS) at the Department for Computer and Information Science.

As the division's engineer, I did technical support for our research infrastructure. I was the system administrator for some of the division's computer systems and kept an eye on the computer labs. One of my projects was trying to motivate the other group members to put some actual content on the division webpages while I kept the underlying system running and modify it to fit our special needs.

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