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Update: Duc has provided us with VMware images for the new Cell SDK 3.0. They can be downloaded from here.

Update: The PDF files for the lecture notes can now be found here (password protected).

Update: Download New Program Examples

To add the new program examples, issue the following commands from within your VMware image:

Open a terminal in the Fedora core (Accessories -> Terminal) and run the following commands:
  1. cd /opt/cell_class
  2. mkdir Hands-on-21
  3. cd Hands-on-21
  4. wget http://ncar.idi.ntnu.no/cell/Hands-on-21-31Aug07.tar
  5. tar -xvf Hands-on-21-31Aug07.tar
The new files can now be found in the /opt/cell_class/Hands-on-21 directory.


All attendees should bring a laptop to the seminar. Furthermore, this should be prepared with an environment where the Cell SDK can be installed. To help with this, we have put together an installation guide. Please note that you will need to download a 2.6 GB zip file so be sure to allow enough time for these preparations. Furthermore, the finished installation takes about 6.7 GB. Depending on your PC, the installation may take several hours and should be finished well before the seminar starts.. Due to the large number of participants, the capacity for technical support will be limited.

In addition, you should have a SSH client installed on our computer. The reason is that we might remotely log on to a native Cell environment during the course. Putty is a good alternative for Windows users. Linux users can use the built-in ssh command.

If you need help, you can send an e-mail to the organizers.

Seminar Schedule

Update: The detailed session program is now available.

Monday 3. September

08:45h - 09:45hCoffee and registration outside H2
09:00h - 10:00hEventual last minute help with simulator-tools etc.
10:00hLecture starts
12:00h - 13:00hLunch break
approx. 14:30hShort coffee break
approx. 16:00hLecture ends

Tuesday 4. September

08:45hCoffee outside H2
09:00hLecture starts
12:00h - 13:00hLunch break
approx. 14:00hShort coffee break
approx. 15:00hLecture ends

Useful Links

Installation Guide
Registered Attendees
Official Invitation
Detailed Session Program
IBM Developer Works
A Basic Cell Tutorial

The course is given in room H2 (also called 129) at the ground floor of NTNUs main building. (Picture of the main building). The room is situated in the North-East corner of the building. A map of the building is here with H2 in the lower left part of the map. A map of the whole campus can be found here or in more detail (but in Norwegian) here. The name of the main building is Hovedbygningen in Norwegian.

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