MObil Teknologi i UndervisningsSammenheng

MOTUS 2 goal is to investigate, through prototyping and empirical studies of overall usage, the potential and impact of mobile applications for supporting new forms of cooperation in the educational settings, independent of the participants' location.

G1: Design, prototype and evaluate, following a user-centred approach, cooperative mobile applications for supporting learning.

G2: Develop techniques and methods for use of mobile applications in different educational settings, with a focus of students of a modern foreign language (i.e. French), and thereby improve the understanding of the collaborative mobile applications in the learning process.

G3: Deliver guidelines for the adoption of these applications in educational settings, considering issues connecting to e.g. content creation and reuse, but also their integration into the existing NTNU infrastructure.

G4: Raise the competence of NTNU relative to the possibilities of mobile technology in order to provide a better service to its students, in line with the indications of the Quality Reform.

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Last modified: 15.06.04