Anne C. Elster

Assoc. Prof. of Computer and Info. Science ,
Founder and leader of IDI/NTNU's HPC-Lab,
Visiting Scientist, ECE, Univ. of Texas at Austin, and
Co-Founder & Co-Director of NTNU's Computational Science and Visualization Program

PhD EE, Cornell 1994, IEEE Senior Member since 2000

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Dr. Elster and most of her research group, Spring 2014
Top left: Johan, Thomas, Didrik, Samira, Øivind, Trygve Malik, Mads, Anne and Rune;
Front from left: Johannes, Eirik, Annette and Mehdi. PhD students Eirik, Ruben and Lane were not present. GROUP PHOTOS

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I have been the main supervisor for over 60 master students, over 30 related to GPU computing.

NOTE: I generally have no summer stipends available since I travel a lot during summers!

RESEARCH: (see also the webpage for my HPC-Lab).
Software Frameworks for Heterogeneous and Parallel Computing incl. GPGPU, Cluster & Grid Technologies.
HPC applications incl. oil & gass simulations and medical and seismic imaging
Current Post Docs and Researchers:
  1. Dr. Malik M. Zaki Khan
    (ERCIM Post Doc(Nov. 2013-14), Researcher (2014-present))

Current PhD students:
  1. Rune E. Jensen -- Elster main advisor
  2. Thomas Falch Thomas L. Falch -- Elster main advisor (joined PhD prog 2012)
  3. PhD stud Samira Samira Pakdel -- Elster main advisor (MS from Malaysia, joined PhD prog 2012)
  4. PhD stud Ruben Ruben Spaans (on leave)
  5. Lane Lane Holloway (co-advisor at UT Austin, proposal defense passed summer 2013)
  6. PhD stud Kvam Johannes Kvam -- co-advisor, main advisors: Prof. Bjørn Angelsen, NTNU Med. School, Joined Jan 2013, been w/HPC-lab since junior year)
  7. Mehdi Mehdi Bozorgi -- co-advisor, main advisor: Dr. Frank Lindseth)
  8. Smistad Erik Smistad -- co-advisor with Dr. Frank Lindseth

Graduated PhDs/ evaluations/other PhD supervisions:

  1. Thorvald Natvig (Elster main advisor, defended in 2010)
  2. Jan C. Meyer (Elster main advisor, defended Dec 10, 2012)
  3. Cyril Banino-Rokones -- supervised by Elster 2003-2006, PhD 2007 w. Dr. Lasse Natvig as main advisor.
  4. Jochen Rau (Medical Technology, NTNU) (3rd opponent) to defend in April 2013
  5. Michele Martone (PhD Universitá degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", Facoltá di Ingegneria, defense May 31, 2011), (external EU evaluator)
  6. Yong Liu (PhD Dept. of Informatics, Univ. of Tromsø, defended Feb 24, 2011) (2nd Opponent)
  7. Jo Skjermo (PhD 2009), Main advisor: Prof. Keith Downing, Anne C. Elster (3 rd opponent).
  8. Nicolae-Zoran Constantinescu-Fülöps ( PhD 2008) Prof. Richard Blake (main advisor), Anne C. Elster (3 rd opponent)
  9. Roxana Diaconescu (PhD 2002), Prof. Reidar Conradi (main advisor), Prof. Monica Lam (Stanford, 1st opponent), Anne C. Elster (3 rd opponent)
  10. Penti Huttunen(PhD ECE at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, Dec. 2002) Advisor: Dr. Jari Porras, 1st Opponenent: Dr. Kimmo Koski, Nokia (now CSC Director), 2nd Opponent: Anne C. Elster

Current Master Students (Estimated graduation date)
  1. Olav Emil Eiksund -- M.Tech (Summer 2014)
  2. Joakim Hommeland (Prof. Suda, U of Tokyo co-supervisor)-- M.Tech (Summer 2014)
  3. Jørgen Kvalsvik (Dr. Rustad, Statoil co-supervisor) -- M.Tech (Summer 2014)
  4. Bjørn Tungesvik -- M.Sci (Summer 2014)
  5. Imre Kerr -- M.Tech. (Fall 2015)
  6. Inge Halsaunet -- M.Sci. (Summer 2015)
  7. Tommy Schmid -- M.Sci. (Summer 2015)

Recent Masters Supervized by Dr. Elster:
  1. Øivind Boge -- M.Tech. (Summer 2014)
  2. Didrik Jonassen -- M.Tech. (Summer 2014)
  3. Eirik Myklebost -- M.Tech. (Summer 2014)
  4. Mads Buvik Sandvei -- M.Tech. (Summer 2014)
  5. Elisabeth Solheim -- M.Sci. (December 2014)
  6. Trygve Aaberge --M.Tech. (Summer 2014)
  7. Lars Martin Petersen -- M.Tech (Gradautes January 2014)
  8. Henrik H. Knutsen -- M.Tech. (Graduated Oct. 2013)
Recent Masters (Summer 2013):
Lars Kirkholt Melhus Magnus Mikalsen Stian Pedersen Lars Espen Nordhus Andreas Nordahl Andreas Skomedal

Recent Masters (Summer 2012):
Geir Josten Lien Geir Josten Lien Thomas Falch Jan Rovde Frederik MJ Vestre Johannes Kvam

Previous Post Docs

  1. Dr. Annette Stahl (Researcher, Feb.-May 2014) --
    She got a permanent job at SINTEF Fisheries and Aquacultire as a research scientist -- congratulations, Annette!
  2. Dr.Ian Karlin (PhD U of Colorado, Boulder 2011) (May 2011-Dec 2012) Ian was supposed to be with my group until May 2012, but we ran into visa problems re. his wife, so he, unfortunately, left early. He did participate at both NORDUNET 2011 and SC 2011 on behalf of my group.
  3. Dr. Jan Perhac (April 2010-April 2011) (ERCIM) Jan was an active participant in my research group. He helped with the THOR project which we did with HPC-Lab visitor Jose Louis VasquezPoletti, from UCM, Spain.
  4. John Ryan (2010) John worked on heterogeneous cluster issues. He was supposed to stay longer, but decided to return to Ireland for a job there.
  5. Dr. Henrik R. Nagel (2005-2007) Henrik is currently at NTNU HPC Group at ITEA (Computing Center) His research focus is on using grid technology to integrate visualization and computations. Dr. Nagel also helped out with the organization of the SIMS 2005 conference that was held at NTNU in October 2005 and is the co-editor of its proceeding

Dr. Elster and HPC-Lab members + Tucker Taft, Spring 2014


I have a passion for teaching. As can be seen below, I now teach two 3rd-year/4th year courses that are challenging, but very popular (> 50 students take then each semester in a dept with ca 100 students/year). Both courses have a heavy programming component which I feel strongly contributes to the success of these courses.

"Teaching Highlights" and more details re. my teaching can be found at link

Training: I have completed the PEDUP (PEDagogical Development Program put together for NTNU faculty. I joined this program in 2001/2002 which included a general part estimated to take 50 work-hours and two smaller modules which are estimated to take 25 hours each. I selected PBL (Problem-Based Learning) and "Teaching in Larger Groups" as these modules. A longer report was also submitted which is being reworked as aconference/journal teaching article.

Courses taught at Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA (ECE, CS and Math):

Course taught through Acenor Inc.: Parallel numerical methods course for US Air Force's Research Lab at WPAFB, May 2000

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Dr. Elster's Academic Genealogy , hubby, Marie, hotlist, hobbies, photos from SC'05 in Seattle.



Contact Information: Office: Room 410, IT Bldg.(aka "Nye Fysikk"), NTNU - Gløshaugen;
Phone: +47 7359-3674; Fax:call first

Mailing Address: Dept. of Computer & Information Science (IDI)
Sem Sælandsv. 7-9, NTNU Gløshaugen, N-7491 Trondheim, Norway

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