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This page is a result of my interest in geneolgy and curiosity about other people called Elster on the Web. Back when I came on to the Internet (then called ARPAnet and CSNET) in the early 1980s I really did not see anyone else. How times have changed! Well over 200 Elsters can now be found in the U.S. white pages (Web phone book).

Elster -- Meaning and Geneology

"Elster" is the German word for the bird magpie (Norw: skjaere), and also the name of a river in Germany ("die Elster"). Elsterparken, a park in Trondheim, Norway is named after one of my forefathers.

My family name stems from what used to be Eastern Germany through Peter Lorentzen Elster. He came to Norway in 1705 as an organ builder and settled with his Norwegian wife. He himself was raised in Denmark. Just about all Elsters currently in Norway are descendants of Peter. Due to few male Norwegian Elsters being born through the generation, there are surprisingly few of us. A bird (Ger. "Elster"= magpie) is found on the helmet of our family's coat-of-arms which has a deer on the shield.

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