TDT 24: Parallel Environments and Scientific Computing

Fall 2006

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Instructor: Anne C. Elster

TA: Thorvald Natvig

Studiepoeng: 3,75 -- Final exam: Oral (muntlig)


Emnemodulen omhandler bl.a. gjennomgåelse av de mest kjente programerings"environments", som f.eks. OpenMP, pthread, MPI, og PSE. Emnemodulen vil ogsaa omhandle numeriske algoritmer og metoder tilpasset studentenes valg av fordypningsprosjekt.

English: This special topics course covers the most well-known prgramming environments, e.g. OpenMP, Pthreads, MPI and PSE. Ther course will also cover numerical algorithms and methods refelcting the students' choice of master pre-project.

TIME & PLACE: Wednesdayas 10-noon, IT-vest 354

  • Oral final: December 13!!


    All class presentations are available off Thorvald's home page (also linked here)

    In addtion to the above presentation, the following readings are exam material:


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  • Link to web tutorial The turials covered in class TBA

    Some of the theoretical material may be taken from:

  • Michael T. Heath: Scientific Computing -- An Introductory Survey, Second Edition

    I tillegg:

  • David Young, Iterative Solution of Large Linear Systems:

  • Elster, Paralellelization of PIC Codes:

  • "Tom, Dick and Mary Discover the FFT", D.R. Deller Jr, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, April 1994

  • "Numerical Libraries and Tools for Scalable Parallel Cluster Computing", Brown, Dongarra & Trefethen Avaialble at:

  • Elster: "Fast O(NN) Bit-reversal Algorithms, ICASSP 1989

    Understanding and ability to implemnt parallel codes using MPI also considered core material

    Other useful links:

  • The Grand Challenge Problems

  • Lenke til PETSc:


    Programming Excersizes

    1) Testing simple Open MP program -- see Thorvald

    2) Main programiming excersize will be given indivually and as much as possible tailored indivdual projects

    Student Participants & main projects

    Idar Borlaug -- Parallelizing Games (w/ Knut Imar Hagen)

    Knut Imar Hagen -- Parallelizing Games

    Nils Magnus Larsgård -- Benchmarking OpenMP vs MPI

    Leif Christian Larsen -- Client-Server Visualization via Compression

    Miguel Angel Martinez del Amor -- OpenMP/Pthreads & Attila ???

    Lars Tangvald -- Visualization of flames

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