TDT 24: Parallel Environments and Scientific Computing

Fall 2006

Instructor: Anne C. Elster

Studiepoeng: 3,75 -- Final exam: Oral (muntlig) on Dec. 3


This module will cover the most well known programming environments, such as OpenMP, pthread, MPI, og GPU programming. The module will also cover numerical algorithms and methods reflecting the students' choice of Master pre-project.

TIME & PLACE: Fridays 13:15-15:00, IT-vest 454

  • Oral final: December 3, 2007 !!

    TDT24 gang

    TDT 24 group Fall 2007


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    Papers presented by students: Other core material (tested in connection with above material):


  • Link to LLNL web tutorial

  • Understanding and ability to implemnt parallel codes using MPI also considered core material

    Other useful links:

  • The Grand Challenge Problems

  • Lenke til PETSc:

  • "Numerical Libraries and Tools for Scalable Parallel Cluster Computing", Brown, Dongarra & Trefethen Avaialble at:
  • CLUSTIS info:

    Student Participants & main projects

    Andreas Bach -- Testing of New Parallel Systems (w/ Elster)

    Jérôme Dubois -- Directional Image Enhancements on GPUs (Elster & Schlumberger)
    Rune Jensen -- Opitmizing Parallel Linear Algebra Routines (w/ Elster)

    Atle Rudshaug -- Grid environments

    Tor Egil Riegels Strand -- Visualisering (w/ Halgren)

    Tony Vågenes -- Adaptiv Caching in Search Engines (Jørn Amundsen & Yahoo)

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