TDT 24: Parallel Environments and Scientific Computing

Fall 2012

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Dr. Anne C. Elster


This module will cover the most well known programming environments, such as GPGPU programming, MPI, OpenMP and pthreads. The module will also cover numerical algorithms and methods reflecting the students' choice of Master pre-project.

Studiepoeng: 3,75

Final exam: Oral (muntlig) on Dec 4, 2012

Students participants

  1. Lorents Gravås
  2. Neshahavan Karunakeran
  3. Henrik Knutsen
  4. Trond Inge Lillesand
  5. Thomas B. Martinsen
  6. Lars Kirkholt Melhus
  7. Stian Liknes
  8. Magnus Mikalsen
  9. Andreas Nordahl (audit, not taking final)
  10. Lars Espen Nordhus
  11. Lars Martin S. Pedersen
  12. Samira Pakdel (audit onoly/not taking exam)
  13. Stian Pedersen
  14. Andreas Skomedal


All handouts and notes from students are placed here until linked into this document:

Student Presentations

  1. Oct 5, 2012: Lars Espen Nordhus: GPU Accelerated Pathfinding by Avi Bleivweiss, NVIDIA
  2. Oct 5, 2012: Stian Pedersen: Fast Boudning Value Hierarchiy (BVH) on GPUs PDF of presentation
  3. Oct 5, 2012: Lars Kirkholt Melhus: Experience with FFTW
  4. Oct 26, 2012: Thomas B. Martinsen: Dynamic Thread Scheduling in Asymmetric Multicores to Maximize Performance-per-Watt PDF of presentation -- PDFlink of article
  5. Oct 26, 2012: Henrik Knutsen: Raytracing på GPU PDF of presentation
  6. Oct 26,2012 -- Stian Liknes: Fast Sort on CPUs and GPUs: A Case for Bandwidth Oblivious SIMD Sort PDF of presentation
  7. Magnus Mikkalsen: Introduction to OpenACC and OpenACC . First Experiences with Real-World Applications Authors: Sandra Wienke, Paul Springer, Christan Terboven, and Dieter an Mey PDF of presentation
  8. Neshahavan K.:Interactive, GPU-Based Level Sets for 3D Segmentation. By A. Lefohn, J. Cates, and R. Whitaker Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, 2003 PDF of presentation
  9. Andreas Skomedal: CUDA Optimization Strategies for Compute- and Memory-bound Neuroimaging Algorithms Presentation for TDT24, by Andreas Berg Skomedal Daren Lee, Ivo Dinov, Bin Dong, Boris Gutman, Igor Yanovsky, Arthur W. Toga PDF of presentation
  10. Lorents Gravås: "CUDA-based Signed Distance Field Calculation for Adaptive Grids" av Taejung Park, Sung-Ho Lee, Jong-Hyun Kim, and Chang-Hun Kim IEEE Link to article PDF of presentation
  11. Lars Martin Pedersen: Link to article on ACM
  12. Trond Inge Lillesand: OpenSs PDF of presentation

External Presentations

  • Thomas Falch
  • Frank Lindseth
  • Other useful related notes (taken from previous courses) Recommended:

  • Notes on FFT paper by Ruben Spaans
  • PDEs including CG (conjugate gradient)


  • "Design for Parallel Interactive Ray Tracing Systems", Bigler et al., Submittet to IEEE Ray Tracing 2006
  • "Understanding the Efficiency of Ray Tracing on GPUs", Tom Aila and Samuel Laine, NVIDIA, ACM 2009
  • Holger's summary
  • Aleksander - particle sims on GPU
    1. Gagandeep Singh - FEM
    2. Øystein - fluid sim - terrain
    1. Rolf-Henning Klungsøyr - Finite Volume

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