TDT 4200 Parallel Computing -- Fall 2009

Instructor (Faglærer): Assoc. Prof. Anne C. Elster
Teaching Assistants (Øvingsleder): Jan Christian Meyer

Student Assistants (

  • Ahmed Aqrawi aqrawi at stud
  • Holger Ludvigsen holgerl at stud.

    Credits (Studiepoeng) : 7.5

    Examination form: Written (skriftlig) midterm: 25% and final: 50% + mandatory graded assignments ( obligatoriske og tellende øvinger):25%

    Time and place: You have to notifiy the instructor at the begining of the semester if you cannot attend all lectures.
  • Goal: To give the students a good understanding of how to optimize serial algorithms and programs, as well as teach them how to develop efficient programs on modern multiprocessor systems.

    Prerequisites (forutsetninger): Algorithms and Datastructures and Computers and Operating Systems, or the equivalent.

    Content (Innhold): Optimization of algorithms and programs for both serial and multi-processor systems. How to choose algorithhms, use of optimized libraries, compiler optimizations, and program profiling. How to take advantage of PC clusters for large computational tasks which would otherwise not fit on a single CPU/PC system, will also be covered.

    Teaching form (undervisningsform): Lectures (forelesninger) and recitations/assignments (øvingstimer/øvinger).



  • Problem Assignments (Øvinger)

    All assignments are mandatory (obligatoriske) and at least 3 (selected by instructor) count for a portion of the total grade. They must be done indiviually, unless otherwise specified! Plagarism (koking) will not be tollerated.
  • Assignments handed in after the deadlines without prior authorisation from the instructor will not be counted unless a formal medical note can be provided.
    (see Syllabus and It's Learning for details re. assignment deadlines.)
  • Contact the TA ( to get on the initial mailing list, get a cluster account, and to make sure to receive the assignments. The first assignment will be posted on August 26 and due 8am on Thursday Sep 3.
  • Note: You need to do PS1 before being allowed to hand in subsequent problem sets. PS1 is mandatory (obligatorisk), but will not count towards your final grade (i.e. not "tellende").
  • It is strongly recommended that you hand this assignment in by Thursday Sept. 3. If for some reason you cannot make this deadline, please contact the instructor ASAP (as soon as possible).

    Student Photos

    Get to know your class mates. Photos of TDT 4200 students (pdf to be added)

    MPI, our new cluster and PetSc

  • MPI Tutorial by Bill Gropp et. al presented Sept 2, 2009 by Jan Christian.
  • MPI Home page
  • MPI Tutorials
  • Links to PETSc:
  • Material covered (Pensum):

    Most of the material will be taken from:
  • Wilkinson & Allen: Parallel Programming 2nd edition (promised at Tapir by end of August 2009)

    We also recommend the following as a great MPI programming text. Some of the MPI material will be taken from it:

  • Peter S. Pacheco: Parallel Programming with MPI (finnes på Tapir)
  • Additional material will be presented from overheads and handouts and may be taken from:


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