TDT 4205 -- Tentative Syllabus Fall 2007

Lectures: Mondays 12:15-14 (F3), Thursdays 10-12

Recitations: Thursdays 10-12 (alternate w/ lecture -- see below table)

Readings are primarily from the "Dragon" book"(D): Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools, 2nd EDITION" , NEW EDITION (first since 1986!) of DRAGON BOOK IS NOW AVAILBALE AT TAPIR

The course will follow these notes from Cornell fairly closely:

  • Webpage with links to great lecture notes from Cornell University

    All handouts are avaiable outside the TAs office and are considered exam material, in addition to all programmin exercives, all notes from the TA (see on C and Assembler.

    The following chapters of the main text were emphasized in the course and are considered exam material: