TDT 4205 -- Tentative Syllabus Fall 2008

Readings are primarily from the "Dragon" book"(D): Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools, 2nd EDITION" , (not 1. edition from 1986!)

The course will follow these notes from Cornell fairly closely:

  • Webpage with links to great lecture notes from Cornell University
  • Link to some updated CU notes

    Lecture overview

    Avail Due
    Aug 19
    Course Overview (see TA for handout), Ch 1
    • Intro and compiler overview
    • Background survey
    2 Aug 20 Lexical analysis: Regular Expressions    
    3 Aug 20 Lexical analysis: Finite Automata    
    4 Aug 26 Lexical analysis: Lexical Analyzers PS 1  
    5 Aug 27 Syntax analysis: Context-Free Grammars    
    6 Aug 27 Syntax analysis: Top-Down Parsing      
    7 Sep 02 Syntax analysis: AST Construction PS 3 PS 2
    (Sep 01)
    8 Sep 03 Syntax analysis: Bottom-Up Parsing     
    9 Sep 03 Syntax analysis: LR(1) Parsing    
    10 Sep 09 Syntax analysis: LR(1) Parsing    
    11 Sep 10 Semantic analysis: Sytax-Directed Definitions    
    12 Sep 10 Semantic analysis: Symbol Tables    
    13 Sep 16 Semantic analysis: Types and Type-Checking PS3 PS2
    (Sep 15)
    14 Sep 17 Semantic analysis: Static Semantics    
    15 Sep 17 Semantic analysis: Objects     
    16 Sep 17 and 23 Intermediate code: Attribute Grammars    
    17 Sep 23 Intermediate code: Partitioned Attribute Grammars    
    Sep 24 2-hr MIDTERM (in-class)    

    All handouts are avaiable outside the TAs office and are considered exam material, in addition to all programmin exercives, all notes from the TA (see on C and Assembler.

    The following chapters of the main text were emphasized in the course and are considered exam material:

  • For Midterm Ch 1-5 + 6.2 and 6.5 are covered in addition to all handouts and Problem sets handed out to date!

    Including CU lecture notes 1-17.
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