TDT 4205 Compilers -- Spring 2014

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Instructor: Dr. Anne C. Elster

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Senior Teaching Assistant (vit.ass): Thomas L. Flach

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Teaching Assistant (Und.ass). TBA

Official course description:

Undergraduate compiler technology course covering fundamental compiler topics from basic finite automata, through use of lexers, parsers, intermediate code and code generation and optimizations at the back-end. See syllabus for details. An updated version will be avaiable shortly.

Goal: Give the students a good understanding for basic the theory and proramming that enables modern compilers. Through this understanding and through the programming exercises, the students should also become much better programmers.

Time and place:

Link to NTNU's schedule for this class:

NB! You need to let the instructor know at the beginning of the semster if you cannot make all lectures!!

A crash-course in C will be given during first recitation session on Monday Jan. 13, 2014, 12:15-14.
It will also cover the first programming assignment (Intro to C) that HAS to be submitted before the other assignments gget graded.

Prerequesites (forutsetninger):

It is recommended that the students have taken a course on operating systems and knows basic programming well before taking this course.

A course in Programming Languages is advantages during the first month or so, but students who have not taken that course yet will learn what they need to in this class (but may have towork a little harder in the beginning). Contact the instructor if you have any questions.

Credits (Studiepoeng): 7.5; Grading: Final (80%), Mandatory Prog./Prob Assign.(20%)

Final exam: Written May 27, 2014, 2012, 9:00-13:00

Official details at

See It's Learning for assignements, announcements and grading

NOTE: Programming Assignments (Øvinger) count 20% of total grade and are required to take the final. They MUST be done indiviually unless otherwise stated! Plagarism (koking) will not be tollerated. Assignments handed in after the deadlines without prior authorisation from the instructor will not be counted unless a formal medical note can be provided. (see Syllabus and It's Learning for details re. assignment deadlines.)

Late Assigments

Permission for late acceptance will be needed from the instructor at least 2 days before the original due date. For each day the Problem Sets are handed in late, 10% of the score will be deducted on graded assignments (with permission). Assignments graded P/F will generally not be accepted late.

Syllabus/ Material covered (Pensum) -- TBA, but similar to previous course

See for now: TDT 4205 syllabus Sp2012 for details.

Related Lectures:

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