A Process-Centered Software Engineering Environment

A Process Model Software Process Modeling and systems for Software Process Management (PM) have recently drawn increased attention within the Software Engineering community.

EPOS (Expert System for Program and ("og") System Development) is a SEE (Software Engineering Environment) with emphasis on Process Modelling, Software Configuration Management and support to cooperative work. The rationale of our scientific initiative is the improvement of software quality by better process support for (software) production processes.

General Info

At the end of the page you can find the text of the ISPW-6 example. The picture represents ispw6 modelled according to the EPOS paradigm (you can get the whole picture in PostScript format by clicking on it).

Areas of research

Research activity

International contacts

Specially with Pisa, Milano, Torino, Grenoble, Manchester, Karlsruhe, Pittsburgh.


Here is the EPOS solution to the ISPW-6 example. Click here to get the ISPW6 example definition. Click on the picture to get the complete design of the EPOS enactable ISPW-6 process .
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