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EPOS stands for Expert System for Program and (``Og'' in Norwegian) System Development. It is a kernel SEE intended to give support to the evolution of ``big'' software systems.
It has emphasis on PM and on cooperating transactions against an uniformly versioned database (EPOSDB).
The EPOSDB features a version part with Change-Oriented Versioning (a versioning system which differs from the traditional one substantially) and a product part through a data model with structural object-orientation.
The PM part of EPOS (EPOSPM) consists of the SPELL PM language and a set of tools. This extends the underlying EPOSDB data model with full object-orientation, type-level properties, tasking, and meta-types to allow reflection.
SPELL can be used to model, plan, execute and evolve software activities and their associated products, tools, human roles and projects.
The SPELL types in a Process Schema can be customized through subtyping and evolved in project specific, versioned sub-databases.

Passani Luca
Mon Feb 20 21:59:27 MET 1995