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Our Product and Workspace Models


The basic product model is fairly simple, just defining the basic types subsystem, component (with subtype file), and the composition relationship with name attribute.
To this, the user may define subtypes for various types of files, such as csource, framedoc etc. Instances of file (or of a subtype) have an associated file contents.
The workspace (WS) is a hierarchy of directories mirroring the product hierarchy. A textual representation of a product is available using our simple DL language; an extended version of DL is used internally for describing changes made in a user's WS.

Figure 1.14: How the things fit together.

In figure 1.14, we give an overview of how the user interacts with the system, and its components to be described below. Note that an actual user might also be using the process modeling tools developed for EPOS, but these are not being discussed here.

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