The PROTEUS project

The PROTEUS project is a research and development project which is concerned with solving some of the problems of software evolution. These problems have been tackled by a consortium involving partners from organisations in France, Germany, Norway, Italy and the UK. Partial funding for the project has been provided by the European Commission under its Framework research programme.

Participation by NTH

A group from the Dept. of Computer Science (IDT) at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) has participated in PROTEUS as a subcontractor to SINTEF DELAB.

We have mainly been involed in:

  • Specification of the PROTEUS Configuration language (PCL)
  • Development of the PCL tool set
  • Repository Server
  • Repository Browser
  • PCL Tool
  • Browser
  • Repository Operations
  • Makefile Generator
  • PCL Reverse
  • Framework activity
  • Persons involved are Bjørn Gulla, Eirik Tryggeseth and Reidar Conradi.

    International Publications

  • Bjørn Gulla and Joe Gorman.
    Experiences with the Use of a Configuration Language.
    Forthcoming in Ian Sommerville, editor, Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Software Configuration Management, Berlin, Germany, March 25-26, 1996. LNCS series, Springer-Verlag, Berlin.
    Preliminary [Abstract] or [Full paper (227k)]

  • Jacqueline Floch and Bjørn Gulla.
    Enabling Reuse with a Configuration Language.
    Forthcoming in Murali Sitaraman (ed.): Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Software Reuse, Orlando, FL, USA, April 23-26, 1996. IEEE CS Press.
    [Abstract] or [Full paper (119)]

  • Bjørn Gulla and Joe Gorman.
    Supporting evolution of SDL-based systems: industrial experience.
    Forthcoming in Gregor v. Bochmann, Rachida Dssouli and Omar Rafiq, editors, Proceedings of the 8th International IFIP Conference on Formal Description Techniques for Distributed Systems and Communications Protocols (FORTE'95), IFIP WG 6.1, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, October 17-20, 1995. 16 pages. Chapman & Hall, London.
    [Abstract] or [Full paper (231k)]

  • Eirik Tryggeseth, Bjørn Gulla, and Reidar Conradi.
    Modelling Systems with Variability using the PROTEUS Configuration Language.
    Fifth International Workshop on Software Configuration Management (SCM-5), Seattle, Washington, USA, April 24-25, 1995. In Jacky Estublier, editor, Software Configuration Management, pages 216-240, LNCS 1005, Springer Verlag, Berlin.
    [Abstract] or [Full paper (229k)]

  • Eirik Tryggeseth, Reidar Conradi and Bjørn Gulla.
    Software Configuration Management in PROTEUS.
    In Stuart Feldman (ed.): Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Software Configuration Management (SCM-4), Baltimore, Maryland, May 21-22, 1993, pp. 232-240.
    [Abstract] or [Full paper (189k)] or [Slides (86k)]

  • Technical Reports

    In addition to participating in creating the deliverable documents listed below, we have produced over 60 project internal documents.
  • Architecture of PROTEUS tools
    Deliverable D2.5.A, November 4 1992, 54 pages.
  • Requirements for the Proteus Configuration Language and Tools
    Deliverable D3.4.A, November 5 1992, 45 pages.
  • Specification of the Proteus Configuration Language (PCL)
    Deliverable D3.4.B, April 30 1993, 103 pages.
  • Specification of PCL tools
    Deliverable D2.2.A, May 1 1993, 61 pages.
  • Specification of configuration tools V2
    Deliverable D2.2.C, April 15 1994, 134 pages.
  • PCL-V2 Reference Manual
    Deliverable D3.4.D, September 2 1994, 85 pages.
    [Full document (607k)]
  • Proteus Framework
    Deliverable D3.5.A, February 7 1995, 62 pages.
    [Full document (1465k)]

  • Other WWW servers

  • IDT
  • NTH
  • PROTEUS DELAB Homepage
  • PROTEUS Homepage at Lancaster

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