Group: Programming and Systems Development (SU)



Courses given

45001 Introduction course in programming
45012 Programming methodology
45040 Compiler construction
45075 Project course in programming
45091 Systems programming
45092 Programming languages
45941 Compiler construction 2
45942 Object-oriented systems
45992 Programming environments
10 - 15
EEU course on object-oriented system development (1991,1994)

Dr. students

Scientific profile

Improve software quality by better process support for (software) production processes.


IT industry, but also within areas like office automation, and CIM.

Areas of research

Research goals

Research activity

Four ESPRIT projects

One national project

One internal project

International contacts

Specially with Pisa, Milano, Torino, Grenoble, Manchester, Karlsruhe, Puttsburgh.
5 international workshops held the last 7 years in Trondheim

Future research (next 5 years)



Experimentation: In order to evaluate our hypotheses, we will actively design experiments around prototype tools, methods and theories. Fast feedback will be sought between theory, prototyping, and validation.

"Workforce": We will judiciously balance, post-docs and guest researchers with research plan and work capacity of faculty.

Research focus

More concrete research areas are: