Gunnar as supervisor for project/master thesis:

If you find any of my projects thrilling please come by my office for a chat and a cup of coffee (or somthing). It is allways nice to meet before we start working together.

Most of my projects are aimed at research; as such, there is no given answer or available information that describes the problem in detail. As a consequence, I may not be able to answer all questions or know in detail what to do. You must be the master of the project, at some point you know more details then me. Further, designing/building/coding something is not usually research. If something is to be built/implemented this device is only a medium for getting answers.

Usually I like to have a talk once a week, or every second week. You need to write a short summary or send me data you want to discuss in advance. Warning!! I may not be able to read it for all meetings

If you want me to comment on your report you need to start writing quite early. I am not able to read a total of 500 - 1000 pages (5 - 10 students) shortly before the deadline.

I will not baby sit during the project, if you do not send me material/turn up, I will not use my time on finding you or making any fuss.

All said, I will try to do my best making your master project good (+fun and interesting etc to work on).

A short list of papers/books you may find helpful for projects related to unconventional computation:

For a nice introduction to writing a scholarly report Keith Downing's Advice to Masters Students include a lot of useful information and guidelines.

(Since I am not very efficient dealing with adm. stuff, I leave it to my master students (forms, deadline for printing, etc)).