Curriculum vitae, Guttorm Sindre

Personal data:

Name: Guttorm Sindre
Born: 1964, Norway.
Current address: Nedre Kristianstens gate 15B, N-7014 Trondheim, Norway.
Civil status: married, three children (b. 2000, 2005, 2008).


1994-95: PEDUP; pedagogical course for new employees, The Norwegian Institute of Technology (Now NTNU ).

1988-90: PhD ( in computer science, The Norwegian Institute  of Technology (now NTNU), Dept of Computer Systems and Telematics.

1986-89: BSc (cand.mag.) with subjects English (1,5y), Linguistics (1y), and History (1y), plus Introductory Philosophy (0,5y), The University of Trondheim (Now NTNU), Faculty of humanist sciences.

1983-87: MSc ( in computer science, The Norwegian Institute of Technology (now NTNU), Dept. of Computer Systems and Telematics.


September 2003 onwards: Professor, Institutt for datateknikk og informasjonsvitenskap (Dept. of computer and information science), NTNU.

2000-2003: Førsteamanuensis (associate professor), Institutt for datateknikk og informasjonsvitenskap (Dept. of computer and information science), NTNU.

2000 (spring term): Førsteamanuensis II (adjunct professor, 20% position), Institutt for informasjonsvitenskap, University of Bergen.

1999-2000: Førstelektor (senior lecturer), Institutt for datateknikk og informasjonsvitenskap (Dept. of computer and information science), NTNU.

1995-99: freelance writer.

1992-95: associate professor (1.amanuensis), Institutt for datateknikk og informasjonsvitenskap (Department of computer technology and information science), The Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU).

1991-92: researcher at SINTEF(-B), Trondheim, Norway, mainly working on the ESPRIT project REBOOT (on software reuse) and the Norwegian add-on project NSR (with the companies Metis, Sysdeco, and Taskon).

1990-91: military service, software development (C, SQL, Oracle*CASE) in the Norwegian Navy at Haakonsvern Naval Base in Bergen.

1988-90: During the PhD study also involved in research in the ESPRIT project TEMPORA (on information systems development with a temporal rule language), and partly responsible for the teaching of the course Systemering 2.

Research and publications:

My research has been in the fields of IS analysis, conceptual modelling, and requirements engineering, software reuse, and semantic interoperability. I have been involved in the EU-projects TEMPORA, REBOOT, INTEROP, and CESAR. I have been manager of two national research projects, WISEMOD and REQSEC, both funded by the Norwegian Research Council. My current research mainly focusses on early stage requirements methods for safety and security, especially addressed in CESAR and REQSEC. For my publications, see a full bibliography.

Sabbatical visits:

PhD students supervised (graduation year in parentheses):
Sivert Sørumgård (1997, co-supervisor), Geir Høydalsvik (1997, co-), Sigurd Thunem (1997, co-), Raimundas Matulevicius (2005, main supervisor), Shang Gao (2011, co-), Paul Gordon Austrem (Univ.Bergen, 2011, co-), Salah Uddin Ahmed (2011, co-), Gustav Aagesen (2012, co-), Christian Raspotnig (Univ.Bergen, 2014, co-), Anca Deak (2015, co-).

Post docs supervised (all as main supervisor): Veres (2004-2006), Lanzenberger (2005), Subramanian (2008-2009), Omoronyia (2009-2010), Karpati (2009-2012), Daramola (2011-2012).

Conference organization: CAiSE'07 (program co-chair), RE'08 (posters and demos chair), REFSQ'09 (org. co-chair), ABPSM'11 (co-chair), SBP'12 (steering committee co-chair), NOKOBIT'15 (general chair).

PC membership:

Occasional journal paper reviews for: Requirements Engineering, IEEE Software, IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering, Software and Systems Modelling, Information Systems Journal, Information Systems, Journal of Systems and Software, Automated Software Engineering, Information and Software Technology, ISCA Journal, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Computing Science and Engineering, Decision Support Systems, Software Quality Journal, Software Testing Verification and Reliability, IET Information Security, ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, Applied Soft Computing.

Occasional referee for academic employment or promotion applications in: Norway, New Zealand, Estonia.

Member of PhD defence committees in: Norway, Belgium, Sweden.

Administrative responsibilities:
2000-05: First substitute member of the department board.
1993-95, 2002-04, 2006-09, 2014-: Member of the department's educational board.
2004-05: Leader of the dept's Section for Development and use of information systems (UBIS).
2005-09: Member of the department council.
2009-2010: Head of Department
2010-2012: Vice Head of Department
2013-2015: Vice-member of NTNU's Complaint Board
2014- : Member of Norway's committee for assessing professorship promotion applications within the field of Informatics
2015- : Member of NTNU's Council for Research Ethics
2015-2016: Member of NTNU's working group for Alternative Forms of Assessment

Teaching responsibilities:
I have been involved in teaching at all levels of the department portfolio, from the introductory first year courses ("IT Intro" and "Programming"), through "Software Engineering" and "Numerics and Programming" (2nd year), "Information Systems" (3rd year), "Collaboration Technology", "Modelling of Information Systems", and "Customer-Driven Project" (4th year), supervision of project and diploma theses (5th year), as well as PhD courses. Currently teaching DT8108 Information Technology Topics, a course for phd students focussing on research methods and the department's research topics.

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