The WISEMOD project

WISEMOD = Web Information Service Modelling

Financing and administrative info

WISEMOD is a project financed by The Norwegian Research Council (NFR) under the program IKT-2010, for the period January 2004 - December 2007. It supports 2 PhD students (Rune Molden, Terje Wahl; both employed September 2004) and one post-doc for two years (Csaba Veres, employed January 2004). The project manager is Prof. Guttorm Sindre. Other IDI staff involved are Prof.II John Krogstie and Prof. Arne Sølvberg. For more information about the project, contact guttorm.sindre at

Project summary

WISEMOD is a basic research project investigating some core issues of the semantic Web. The Web has emerged as the dominant medium for information dissemination in contemporary information systems, and is becoming a global, evolving information repository. Technically, this comprises issues ranging from enterprise modelling and user interface design, to information categorisation and interpretation, information storage, - access, and -retrieval. A common theme is semantic interoperability. For interoperable systems to communicate there must be some agreement on coding as well as meaning of data for a particular data interchange. The need for information (or information related services) will vary according to the work-context of the participants in the communication. Hence, both information modelling (to encode the meaning of information) and workflow modelling (to capture various work contexts) are important to achieve semantic web applications of high quality. This project will deliver improved methodology for model-based engineering of web-services and applications, with a particular focus on workflow modelling. The result will be better semantic web applications than what can be achieved with current approaches.

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Research done so far

The two PhD students were employed September 2004 and have initially been busy taking courses. Hence, most of the research in the project so far has been done by the postdoc, mainly addressing Workpackage II on existing semantic web technologies. This has led to the following publications:
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