Are you interested in taking a PhD?

If you share any of my research interests (Machine Learning, Data Mining, Bayesian Networks, Normative Decision Support Systems) I would be happy to discuss your chances of pursuing a PhD here at NTNU.


Basically, you have two opportunities (see also here for more details):
  1. Self-funded scholarship (self-funding amounts to something like NOK 85.000,- per year. This must be transferred to a Norwegian account to obtain a Norwegian visa)
  2. Compete for a position through a grant made available here at NTNU (I will call them "NTNU-awarded scholarships" in the following). These grants are made available on a regular basis; keep an eye on this page, where all grants will be published.
If you do not have your own funding, and have not found a position you can apply for, I am unfortunately not able to help you. On the other hand, if you are interested in applying for an NTNU-awarded scholarships I would be happy to try to help you be successful with your application.

Please note!
I am not able to help you find funding for a PhD study. If neither of the funding categories above apply to you, please do not contact me. I am unable to help (and even formally prevented from doing so).

How to make sure you are qualified

There are some regulations governing the acceptance of PhD students at NTNU that you will need to be aware of:

If you want me as your supervisor

Well, I have some desiderata for prospective PhD candidates as well:

What next?

OK, so much for the expectations we have for you... You may want to know something about the university, the computer science department, and me as well? If so, please feel free to surf around for a while! If you are not scared of what you see, please contact me, so we can start discussing the opportunities.