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Group for Computer Architecture and Design

People (february 1999)

Courses (1997/98)

Courses (2001/02)

Research - overview

Reconfigurable hardware

Modelling Communication in Message-Passing MIMD Computers

Neural networks/RENNS

RENNS --- publications

Architectural Synthesis

A Multilevel Simulation Study Linking Parallel Applications to Executable HW Models (NIK97)

Group for Computer Architecture and Design Publications

More information

BSPlab: a short introduction

Efficient and portable parallel programming

Bridging models in computer science

BSP a bridging model for parallel computation

BSP and supersteps

Implementing the BSPmodel

BSP parameters

Parametrised BSP algorithms


BSP tools &applications

BSPlab motivation

What is BSPlab?

Typical BSPlab experiment

BSPlab simulator overview

BSPlab current projects (spring 1999)

BSPlab more information

Author: idt,ntnu

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