Why Computational Science and Engineering Should be of Interest to Computer Scientists

Lasse Natvig
Group for Computer Architecture and Design, Department of Computer Systems and Telematics,
Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), University of Trondheim, N-7034 Trondheim, Norway.

Abstract:This paper briefly introduces the field computational science and engineering (CS&E), and is an attempt to get other computer scientists more interested in CS&E related activities. It starts by giving a short outline of the increased international activity in the field. Several of the definitions of CS&E that have been given are presented, with an emphasis on how the field is related to computer science. The role of supercomputers is discussed, and we try to identify important challenges for future CS&E education and research, again with a hope to attract computer scientists.

Keywords: computational science and engineering, scientific computing, supercomputing, high performance computing (HPC), education, computer science.

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