RATIC 2014: Workshop on Reasoning about Time in CBR

International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR 2014), Cork, Ireland, Sept 29, 2014

NEW: Keynote by Ashwin Ram on Continuous Case-Based Reasoning, details further down

This workshop is dedicated to time in case-based reasoning and how time is dealt with in all aspects of it. The literature on case-based reasoning that takes time into account is broad. Still, there are aspects that have not been given much consideration. Reasoning about time drives the complexity of AI systems, but with the increasing amount of streaming and event-based data, this complexity has to be dealt with, also in CBR. The aim is to refocus the CBR community's attention to temporal reasoning, as the focus has moved away lately even though the number of temporal CBR applications is increasing. Several open problems exist in temporal CBR, and these contain among others temporal revise and CBR on data streams.

Two previous workshops on applying case-based reasoning to time series prediction have been organized at ICCBR. This workshop is a continuation - in spirit - to the workshops on applying CBR to time-series prediction that was organized in 2003 and 2004 with a new organization team.

The goal for this workshop is to broaden the focus from time-series prediction only to other aspects of temporal reasoning. We believe that reasoning about time is a central challenge in CBR and that it deserves more attention from the broader community.

We plan both a keynote and a plenum discussion about some important topics related to temporal CBR. The keynoteand the topics for the plenum discussion will be posted on this page when setteld.

We particularly welcome contributions in areas that include, but are not limited to, the following:

We encourage everyone to make the research presented at this workshop reproducible. This means making the source code, the data and the experiments available to the workshop participants specifically and research community in general if possible. This is not required, only encouraged.

Two types of papers will be accepted:

Keynote: Ashwin Ram on Continuous Case-Based Reasoning

Around twenty years after the publication of "Continuous Case-Based Reasoning" by Ashwin Ram and Juan Carlos Santamaria, continuous CBR is getting more and more relevant. Still, little research has followed up on the issues raised in the paper.

The keynote will present the seminal work of Ram and Santamaria and will provide a common ground for the plenary discussion in which the current state of temporal CBR and its future will be discussed.


All papers are to be submitted via the ICCBR-14 EasyChair system and can be submitted here. Papers should be in Springer LNCS format. Author's instructions, along with LaTeX and Word macro files, are available at Springer's website.

Submissions should be original papers that have not already been published elsewhere. However, papers may include previously published results that support a new theme, as long as all past publications are fully referenced.

We would like the title of the paper and some keywords to be submitted about a week before the deadline so that we can start the reviewer bidding process.

Important Dates:


You can reach the workshop organizers at ratic2014_[at]_easychair.org (change _[at]_ with @).

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