Some links

Artificial intelligence: 55 years of research later - and where is AI now? AI projects in 1955. Which of them are now accomplished?

Was Exploration Easier in the Past? A blog post in wiredscience.

When machines take over - from Big Think.

Google Future Tech . 10 Coolest Google R&D Projects.

Watson and IBM. Competing at Jeopardy!

Unlock The Predictive Power Of The Web. Is it possible to predict the future based on what is on the Web now? Or, what is possible to predict? ‪‪Future of Search‬.

Terrorism analysis (from Recorded Future).

Smart Grid: IBM Energy Efficient Smart Grids for a Smarter Planet

Analysis of Data From PatientsLikeMe. Treatment and Side Effect Info from Patients Like You - data from PatientsLikeMe

LitLinker is a text mining system that incorporates knowledge based technologies, natural language processing techniques and data mining algorithms to mine the biomedical literature for new, potential causal links between biomedical terms. Evidence linking magnesium deficiency to migraines, discovered by finding the relevant connections in the corresponding literature. This may be a new method for scientific discovery.