c/ Ph.D. seminar 2003

Ph.D. seminar for the software engineering group

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Date: Wednesday November 19, 2003
Time: 09.00-16.00
Location: Room 142

On Wednesday November 19, the software engineering group organizes a one day seminar for all of its Ph.D. students. The main goal of the seminar for the students to present the current status of their work, and to provide an opportunity to discuss issues related to the study of software engineering. The seminar is organized as a plenary session where each Ph.D. student presents the status of his/her work.


09.000Glenn: Knowledge sharing and learning in medical workReport
09.20Finn Olav: A study of knowledge management and SPI in Norwegian industryReport
09.40Ekaterina: Supporting social awareness with collaborative virtual environments in an educational contextReport
10.00Mingyang: Creativity and constraints in software developmentReport
10.30Siv: Quantifying security risks using "all" available data: A risk-based integrated system development and risk management processReport
10.50Torgrim: A method for developing safer business-critical softwareReport
11.10Jingyue: Empirical Study on Component-based Development in IT industriesReport
11.30Parastoo: Quality attributes and metrics in component-based developmentReport
11.50Thomas: 'Understanding the role of organizations in software development processes'Report
13.00Per Trygve: Business-critical SoftwareReport
13.20Jon Arvid: Methods for development of business-critical softwareReport
13.40Eivind: "Mobile and ubiquitous technology in children's collaborative learning"Report
14.10Magne: Software Product Families: Issues on Architecture and IntegrationReport
14.30Jianyun: Shorter time-to-market for reliable and robust Web-based systemsReport
14.50Sven: On the development of reliable Web Applications at Internet-SpeedReport
15.10Final discussion

Important dates

November 12, 2003Send the title of your talk to Thomas
Before 14:00, November 18, 2003Send status report and presentation to Thomas
November 19, 2003The seminar


The students have two assignments:

  1. Write the Ph.D. status report
  2. Prepare the presentation

Assignment 1: Write a Ph.D. status report

The Ph.D. status report is the basis for your presentation (see assignment 2). We have provided a template for the report. The status report should be 5-12 pages.

The status report provides a base line, a snapshot of our current status. This base line may later be used in tracking our progress. By repeating such seminars once every 6 to 12 months, writing a status report every time, the intention is to provide a tool for us to better monitor and track our own progress.

Assignment 2: Prepare a presentation

Each Ph.D. student has 20 minutes for presenting their work with basis in the 'Description of Ph.D. work' section of the status report (ref the status report template). It is up to each and everyone to decide the focus of their presentation. The seminary provides an opportunity to discuss our work. It might therefore be wise to angle your presentation towards issues with your work that you would like to discuss.

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