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Year of Study 2020/2021

Theory Modules (30)

Code Name Level Sem. Instructor
TDT01 Architecture of Computing Systems Advanced A20 Rakesh KumarRakesh Kumar
TDT02 Advanced, distributed systems Advanced A20 Svein Erik BratsbergSvein Erik Bratsberg
TDT03 Advanced Topics in Visual Computing Advanced A20 Theoharis TheoharisTheoharis Theoharis
TDT04 Advanced Bio-inspired Methods Advanced A20 Pauline HaddowPauline Haddow
TDT05 Modern Machine Learning in Practice Advanced A20 Zhirong YangZhirong Yang
TDT06 Educational Technology Advanced A20 Michail GiannakosMichail Giannakos
TDT07 Wearable Computing Advanced A20 Michail GiannakosMichail Giannakos
TDT08 Algorithmic game theory Advanced A20 Magnus Lie HetlandMagnus Lie Hetland
TDT09 System and runtime software interaction with modern hardware Advanced A20 Michael EngelMichael Engel
TDT12 Computational Creativity Advanced A20 Björn GambäckBjörn Gambäck
TDT13 Advanced Text Analytics and Language Understanding Advanced A20 Björn GambäckBjörn Gambäck
TDT16 Extended Reality (XR) Advanced A20 Frank LindsethFrank Lindseth
TDT17 Visual Intelligence Advanced A20 Frank LindsethFrank Lindseth
TDT20 Enterprise Architecture, Smart Cities and Value-Added services Advanced A20 Sobah Abbas PetersenSobah Abbas Petersen
TDT24 Parallell Environments and Numerical Methods
Advanced A20 Anne C. ElsterAnne C. Elster
TDT28 Computing Education Research Advanced A20 Monica DivitiniMonica Divitini
TDT29 Cooperation Technologies and Learning Advanced A20 Monica DivitiniMonica Divitini
TDT30 Software systems and intellectual assets management Advanced A20 Anna Leida MölderAnna Leida Mölder
TDT31 The regulation of artificial intelligence Advanced A20 Anna Leida MölderAnna Leida Mölder
TDT37 Digitalisering i praksis Advanced A20 Eric MonteiroEric Monteiro
TDT38 Clinical process and decision support systems Advanced A20 Øystein NytrøØystein Nytrø
TDT39 Empirical Studies of ICT Advanced A20 Babak A. FarshchianBabak A. Farshchian
TDT41 From Networks to Causal Models in Artificial Intelligence Advanced A20 Ole Jakob MengshoelOle Jakob Mengshoel
TDT42 Theoretical Fundations of Game Design Advanced A20 Dag SvanæsDag Svanæs
TDT44 Semantic Web Advanced A20 Özlem ÖzgöbekÖzlem Özgöbek
TDT46 Information Retrieval Advanced A20 Heri RamampiaroHeri Ramampiaro
TDT50 IT for sustainable development Advanced A20 John KrogstieJohn Krogstie
TDT63 Quality of Models and Modeling Languages Advanced A20 John KrogstieJohn Krogstie
TDT71 Game development Advanced A20 Alf Inge WangAlf Inge Wang
TDT99 Modern Machine Learning for Time Series Analysis Advanced A20 Massimiliano RuoccoMassimiliano Ruocco
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