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Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare sector

Advanced forms of analytics and aritificlai intelligence are becoming increasingly deployed to support the work of healthcare workers. Medical doctors, nurses, and administrative staff either use, or are aided by sophisticated technologies which are posed to radically change the nature of their work. For example, radiologists now rely increasingly more on machine learning techniques to and other applications of AI to diagnose patients, while a lot of procedural and repeptive tasks are being done by machines. The objective of this project is to understand how the nature of work for health practitioners is changing, and what positive and negative consequences they experience.

Faglærer: Patrick Mikalef     Status: Valgbart     Egnet for: En student     Lenke: plink

Sporing av sau ved hjelp av enkel radioteknologi

Sporing av sau ved hjelp av enkel radioteknologi

Faglærer: Svein-Olaf Hvasshovd     Status: Valgbart     Egnet for: Gruppe     Lenke: plink
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