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A plausible way to understand simple correlations in Norwegian texts

Sticos are developing a bot called @else ( to help Human Resources (HR) departments be more efficient in their work. A lot of their time is consumed by reoccurring questions from their employees and managers. For years HR software have tried to tackle this problem by using a personnel manual. However, the use of it is sparse. The problem lies in accessibility and the fact that is easier to ask the question directly and get a qualified answer to your problem on the fly.

Faglærer: Rune Sætre     Status: Valgbart     Egnet for: Gruppe     Lenke: plink

ChatBots - Dialog interfaces - Text / Phone

We have several systems that make it possible to ask natural language queries over Internet, by SMS or by voice over telephone about various tasks, e.g bus routes or telephone information. You can try yourself by calling +47 7352 1290, or checking

Faglærer: Rune Sætre     Status: Valgbart     Egnet for: Gruppe     Lenke: plink

How might we automate a patient-simulator's verbal communication?

Medical training in the form of nursing scenarios with dolls does currently not involve any communication with the patient simulator (doll). Any information regarding the simulator's state (healthy, leg hurts, arm is in pain etc.) has to be inferred or explained by others.

Faglærer: Rune Sætre     Status: Valgbart     Egnet for: Gruppe     Lenke: plink

Systemizing, merging and visualizing data from multiple air emergency operations

Norsk Luftambulanse AS has multiple helicopter bases throughout Norway and Denmark. For each mission a lot of data is generated. This information consists of mission-specific data like response time of the crew and who is partaking as well as patient-related data throughout the journey from pickup to delivery. This data can be structured, visualized and made sense of in a better way.

Faglærer: Rune Sætre     Status: Tildelt     Egnet for: Gruppe     Lenke: plink
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