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Computational Materials: Experimental Platform

Keywords: Microcontroller, FPGA, programming, VHDL.

In this research project we try to exploit computational properties of unconventional materials (materials usually not considered as a computational substrate). Such materials may offer computation at extreme low cost and may also enable us to do computation that is hard (or impossible) on a von Neumann stored program machine. Currently we explore possible computational properties of carbon nano tubes.

In 2010 a first version of a platform was made. This system consists of a PCB, including an Atmel microcontroller and a Xilinx FPGA, that acts as an interface between a PC and a micro electrode array. The array interfaces the material under investigation.

In this project the experimental platform will be extended. There are several possible directions. As such there is a possibility for several students pursuing different directions. Possible directions:

a) Extending the software, microcontroller and PC (mostly c-programming).

b) Extending the FPGA interface to the material (VHDL and c-programming).

c) Design of additional interface circuits between the FPGA and the micro electrode array (PCB-design, digital/analogue design).

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