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ChatBots - Dialog interfaces - Text / Phone

We have several systems that make it possible to ask natural language queries over Internet, by SMS or by voice over telephone about various tasks, e.g bus routes or telephone information. You can try yourself by calling +47 7352 1290, or checking

Telebuster is a prototype dialog system from year 2000, that understands conversations about travel information and can provide schedule information. The task will be to make it ready for 2020, by updating all the sub-systems to the latest technology, and by connecting it to online data repositories like GTFS to make it available with updated schedules anywhere in the world, all the time.

The existing system is built in layers with Prolog - PHP - and Java. It would be an advantage to reduce the pipeline by using only two layers.

Fluent knowledge of Norwegian and English is a huge advantage, but clever use of Google translate etc. can compensate for lack in experience.


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