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LANGUAGE TECHNOLOGY: ChatBots - Dialog interfaces - Text / Phone

It is now possible to ask natural language queries over Internet, by SMS or by voice over telephone about various tasks, e.g bus routes or telephone information. You can try yourself by calling 7352 1290.

Telebuster is a prototype dialog system that understands conversations about travel information and can provide schedule information. The task will be to make a generic multipurpose query system that answer a variety of questions, and select the right service according to an analysis of the query, and without any restrictions or instructions on how to write the query, just that it is understandable for humans.

Bot-Topics may be route information, cinemas, telephone directories, addresses, tourist information, news, football results etc. The motivation may be to answer any question that you would ask for intance to 1881.


Rune Sætre Rune Sætre
Associate Professor
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