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Personalization - Natural Language Information Query (dialog)

What is the most natural way to get information about bus scedules or other well organised and structured data?

In Trondheim we have the bus oracle (BusTUC) which has answered more than ten million English and Norwegian questions about the buses in Trondheim since 1997. On the other hand, there are also several services that answer many of the same questions, just by selecting location, destination and time constraints.

The goal is to investigate the best way for different groups of users, in different situations, to get travel information. The work can be done together with the FUIROS project, and new modes like Speech, GPS, Maps, and Real-time data integration and route updates could also be investigated.

One specific problem that should be investigated is that when people ask the Oracle and get an answer they are not happy with, they have to start from scratch again because the system "forgets everything" between questions. How can we make the Oracle react appropriately to each single user's needs, by remembering everything that they have asked before?

Some existing work to build on can be found here.


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