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AI & eHealth: Case Base Evolution

A interesting problem in personalized decision-support systems for improving an individual patient’s health, is to combine general clinical guidelines with past experiences of that same or similar patients. In the EU project selfBACK, in which we tightly cooperate with the Department of public health and nursing at NTNU, we combine rule-based reasoning with case-based reasoning to capture these two knowledge types. The target problem is Low-Back Pain, and the aim of the project is to develop and thoroughly test a mobile phone app that will give a patient advice on how to improve his/her lower back conditions, in a short or long term. Activity data is continuously captured via a wrist band and used alongside subjective information on pain and functionality. This project will focus oncase-based reasoning and data analytics investigating the evolution of cases over time.

We have now collected and access to different data sets of low back pain patients that we would like to explore. The work will be closely related to ongoing PhD and research projects.

The project is suitable for 1-2 people working in a group, but can also be defined for one person.

Supervisor: Kerstin Bach, IDI and Paul Jarle Mork, ISM.



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