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ICT and data architecture and Smart cities


In smart and sustainable Cities, large amounts of data have to be produced, collected, stored, aggregated, distributed, and analyzed to support informed decisions by several stakeholders; politicians, planners, developers, communities, and citizens. The ICT research related to Smart Cities is growing and touches upon a no. of areas such as data management, analytics, distributed architectures. This project will focus on an efficient ICT infrastructure to support smart building and neighbourhoods. The task is related to the work in Zero Emission Neighbourhood Research Centre, and will include the following tasks:
- Literature review and state of the art on ICT for smart and sustainable cities.
- Identify the roles of ICT as an enabler in smart and sustainable cities.
- Identify the needs and requirements for ICT support in smart and sustainable cities.
This work may be expanded in a Master project, to design and develop a prototype for a distributed data architecture for smart cities.



Sobah Abbas Petersen Sobah Abbas Petersen
Associate Professor
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