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Modelling Smart and Sustainable Cities

ICT plays an important role as enabling technologies in the field of smart and sustainable cities. The Smart cities concept often takes on a limited view of a city and tends to focus on one or few aspects of a city. In this project, we would like to explore the possibilities of modelling a city by looking at it from a holistic way. We would use the ideas of conceptual modelling and enterprise architectures to understand a city. We would also like to explore the city as a complex system and use complex systems modelling approach to simulate how a city evolves. The outcome of the project will be a model of a city. The tasks include:
- Literature review of enterprise architectures for a smart and sustainable city.
- Literature review of how to model a city.
- Design and develop a model of a city as a complex system.
The work could be extended to a Masters project where the model would be further enhanced and evaluated.



Sobah Abbas Petersen Sobah Abbas Petersen
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