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Systemizing, merging and visualizing data from multiple air emergency operations

Norsk Luftambulanse AS has multiple helicopter bases throughout Norway and Denmark. For each mission a lot of data is generated. This information consists of mission-specific data like response time of the crew and who is partaking as well as patient-related data throughout the journey from pickup to delivery. This data can be structured, visualized and made sense of in a better way.

We need to design an automated system that visualizes recent and historic data from the air emergency operations according to the customer’s needs. Initially, the focus can be to compare the different helicopter bases. Before implementing this, a thorough validation of the data used would be beneficial, considering a lot the data is inputted manually.

Some helicopter base comparisons could be
• Response time (time spent to leave the base after the mission is received)
• Time to location in different types of weather
• Missions per day

There needs to be a notification system, ideally also based upon predictive analysis, to let people know if a base shows abnormal trends in certain categories. Every base has to follow a certain set of requirements in regards to for example response time, and would benefit from knowing if they are close to breaking any of these. Potentially, we could look at the different variables in conjunction with one another to see if they’re correlated in order to make better predictions.

We could also expand this by including medical data from the missions to further give meaning to the data. This would be by the request of the customer, and would increase the need for good security as the data is sensitive. We might have to implement a system where we have to take access rights into account to limit what each person has the ability to see.


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