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Evolutionary Game theory - Development of a platform for studying incentive mechanism for resolving Social dilemmas

A consequence of "defect" (i.e., not cooperating) in game theory is known as "tragedy of commons". The goal of this project is to design a "contest platform" where different incentive mechanism can be tested for their performance in promoting cooperation in public good games (where the optimal behavior of individuals is in contrast with the benefits at the society level). The issue of cooperation (and altruism) has long been studied in economy, artificial intelligence and psychology. A famous example is “tit for tat” (see Axelrod’s Tournament) and studies the role of imitation in cooperative behavior. The project starts with a reproduction of Axelrod’s contest and continues with development of a new mechanism to test. Evolutionary methods will be used in simulation and evaluation of incentive mechanisms. 1-2 students

Det er en fordel å ha tatt  Bio-inspirerte metoder faget (IT 3708).

For Axelrod's Tournament see




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