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Evolutionary game theory for Public Good Games – Data sharing

The problem of cooperation has been studied in game theory for long time with a focus on Prisoners dilemma which is a 2-player game. This project topic is about N-player games and focuses on studying and developing mechanism for the emergence of cooperation in societies. There are some known reasons why people “defect” instead of cooperation. There are reasons why they cooperate. This project aims to understand the incentive mechanisms underlying cooperation and to understand their dynamics. This is particulary important for production of public goods.
There are many examples of this overarching problem. Here is one: There is a specific platform for sharing data which may help people in their daily life. This happens only if many people share the data. However, sharing data has a cost (e.g., takes time or may have cognitive load) as well as the benefit from having access to such data. A rational agent would just use the platform for getting the information and let the others do the data-sharing job. The research question is what kind of mechanisms can promote cooperation.

Evolutionary algorithms will be used to simulate the society and study the designed mechanisms. 1-2 students 

Det er en fordel å ha tatt Bio-inspirerte metoder faget (IT 3708).

Co-supervisor: Associate prof. Hai Nguyen





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