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Blockchain-based Data Marketplace

The European regulations about privacy, the GDPR, is changing people’s understanding and attitude towards data/information they own and those the others own. The ownership of data/information has always been a concern but with GDPR there will be more awareness as well as more obligations related to data collection and sharing.

Today data-monopolies like Facebook, Google, Amazon (FGA) etc. are relying most of their business on the data they collect about people, and this without paying for this data. In the near future, people will conceive information/data as “commodity”, i.e., something that can be sold and bought. For example, with the enforcement of GDPR all people will be able to get the data that companies such as FGA collect about them and then sell it to smaller companies that may use this data for generating new business models.

The topic of this thesis is to develop further the blockchain-based data marketplace that enables data selling and buying while resolving trust and privacy problems. The Data Marketplace uses Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts to allow peers to communicate about the conditions of data sharing and perform the data exchange itself. For example, this platform will make me able to sell my facebook data to a company and provide service to me for bargaining about the price as well as including my privacy preferences and constraints into the deal. The peer-to-peer interaction for monetary and privacy related will be done by agents where agents “machine learn” the preferences of their owners (i.e., the peers). 1 - 2 students.

We can demonstrate the current platform as well as developing use cases to you as an inspiration. Then we can discuss about the way forward.

Co-supervisor: Associate Prof. Pinar Øzturk.



Hai Thanh Nguyen Hai Thanh Nguyen
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