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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and opportunities it brings: analysis of my all-data and generating insights

After enforcement of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) (May 2018), all companies and institutions collecting data about individuals are obliged to deliver to people the data they collected about them (e.g., whatever facebook, google, amazon, insurance companies etc collects about me shall deliver the data they collected about me when I asked for it). GDPR will give a chance for people to look into her/his data stored by those companies.
So, what people can do with so much (and rich) data about themselves? It would be super hard for them to analyze, extract insights and even look into the raw data downloaded from Facebook, Google, etc..

This project aims to process and analyse in various ways the data people have about themselves to extract/discover new information about their own habits, preferences, intentions, faults, things they should be more careful about, etc. - which even themselves may not be aware of. This kind of insight may be valuable for the individual themselves, but also for others (e.g, insurance, entertainment companies, banks). The data collection, analysis and visualisation are present in a developing app. Data analysis and machine learning is focus. 1-2 students.

We can demonstrate the current result and the developing app from previous master project as an inspiration. Then we can discuss about the way forward.



Hai Thanh Nguyen Hai Thanh Nguyen
Adjunct Associate Professor
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