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Decentralized AI

Nowadays, big tech giants, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft, are dominating the AI market by offering cloud-based AI solutions and APIs. They are collecting user data in one place through free services and systems, analyze it for insights and resell to third parties, such as advertisement companies. This model is centralized AI, which is working fine now. But in the long-run it could lead to monopolization of the AI market. This could also cause unfair pricing, lack of transparency, interoperability, privacy issues and excluding smaller companies from AI innovation. Fortunately, there is the emergence of a decentralized AI market, born at the intersection of blockchain, on-device AI and edge computing/IoT.
In this project, we will investigate the possibility to build a proof-of-concept of a decentralized AI application through blockchain, such as Ethereum. AI agents will train and learn models from their own data. The decentralized AI application to be developed in this project then can combine multiple algorithms/models (developed by different agents) performing different sub-tasks. One of possible applications is Decentralized Autonomous Cars. 1 - 2 students.

We can demonstrate the current result from previous master project as an inspiration. Then we can discuss about the way forward.

Co-supervisor: Associate Prof. Pinar Øzturk.



Hai Thanh Nguyen Hai Thanh Nguyen
Adjunct Associate Professor
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