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AI for Search and Rescue of Lost Persons

Norwegian Search And Rescue (SAR) operations are organised under Hovedredningssentralen (HRS) and are carried out through cooperation between public agencies such as the Police, voluntary organisations such as the Red Cross and specialized search teams, and private companies who have resources appropriate for rescue services.

Hovedredningssentralen together with the IT company InSoft Norge AS wants to develop a decision support system that will gather all available data about a lost person situation and use this to advice a rescue team about the location and state of the person. HRS has a computerized archive system that stores the reports (in Norwegian) for all lost person cases since 2010. However, this system is used only as a storage and for simple access. A lot of experiences, competence and lessons learned are lying in the data storage waiting to be actively used and reused for decision making when a new situation occurs.

This project will experiment with methods aimed to extend this reporting system with an intelligent decision support component, into a dynamic experience-reuse system for predictive decision support. Case-based reasoning, which is particularly suitable for context-sensitive situation assessment and advice giving, is a main method to be studied for this problem, possibly in combination with other methods. 1-2 students

Co-supervisors: Ronny Justsen (InSoft Norge AS) and Agnar Aamodt (NTNU).



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