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Optimizing 4D CT Computation for Performance Through Parallelizations, GPU Computing and AI

This project will be done in collaboration with Prof Dag Breiby´s research group at NTNU Physics, an is part of our joint NFR FRIPRO project on computational microscopy.

This project is a great fit for those students that like to combine parallell programming, including GPU programming , with physics simulations.

Another aspect of the project is looking into how AI techniques can be used in combination with GPU compute to handle the massive about of image data resulting from the imaging system.

The project will take advantage of our new GPU resources, including a DGX2 and IBM AC922 system as wella s newer workstations,

This project is also very suitable for students interested in our integrated PhD program.

Co-advsor will be Prof. Dag Breiby and/or one of his research staff



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