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Trade Routing Problem in Roll-on Roll-off Shipping (AI Lab Pitch)


A study of the Trade Routing Problem in Roll-on Roll-off Shipping was proposed at the AI Lab Pitch.  The study was proposed by the company Höegh Autoliners. In particular, they are interested in solving the Single Trade Routing Problem in Roll-on Roll-off Shipping.

Operational decisions related to planning routes for several voyages over a
trade route, as well as plan for which contracts to service and which
quantities to load and unload at scheduled port visits, may be studied in the project. 

Solving this problem for a single trade route will be an essential building
block in solving the problem for several trade routes with dependencies
between them. It is thus natural to start with the single trade route problem. 

Adding AI to this model, and ML to continuously feed back actuals to the plan, in order to optimise future route planning and vessel scheduling is of great interest.  Interests and skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and optimization are therefore of benefit to this project. 

The project is open for project and master students.  It would be reasonable to solve this problem using Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, or Stochastic Optimization techniques.  The company is flexible regarding the scope of the project, so it is possible to define the specific details at a later time.


In this project, the joint interests of sponsor, advisor and student(s) come together. Typically, the project will be based on the problem described by the sponsor AND previous research by Prof. Ole Jakob Mengshoel AND interests of students. If only one or two of these are present, there is no basis for a project.

Please send email(s) to sponsor and/or advisor if you're interested in this project.

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