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Scalable blockchain

Blockchain technology today is severely limited by the inability to scale. A throughput of a couple of transactions per second cannot satisfy the real world use cases of public blockchains. Several solutions have been proposed to fix the issue of scalability, and have thus far been divided into two main categories.
The first one focuses on the underlying blockchain technology in order to improve the core protocol to enable scalability without sacrificing the benefits of the current Proof of Work chains. New solutions are being researched in the areas of consensus mechanisms, such as Proof of Stake, Sharding, and even new public ledger solutions that use Directed Acyclic Graphs.
The second category includes solutions that build upon the underlying blockchain technology. Proposed solutions include child-chains, such as Plasma chains and state channels, and solutions that utilize Zero Knowledge Proofs with SNARK or STARK technology.
This specialization project will focus on a literature review of current technologies and proposed solutions. The project must then evaluate and choose one of these technologies, or, if possible, investigate any indications or leads towards new potential solutions.
A potential master thesis can then be used to research the chosen technology and attempt to implement a solution. The aim would be to evaluate the effectiveness of such a solution, and if it solves, or contributes to solving, the issue of scalability in blockchain, without sacrificing the important features of current technology.
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