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Porting Plan 9 to RISC V

The RISC V platform is an innovative and open computing platform that
aims to be suitable for a large range of systems starting from minimal
embedded systems to high performance computing.

However, the middle ground between simple real-time systems and
complex Linux-based platforms that is especially interesting for high-
powered embedded applications, e.g. in the Internet of Things (IoT),
is not sufficiently covered, especially considering the communication
and security requirements of complex IoT platforms. The open source
Plan 9 operating system, originally designed and developed by the
creators of Unix and C at Bell labs, fits that space since its memory
and hardware requirements are small and its quite well-supported
as a target platform for various managed-memory programming
langauges compared to most embedded OSes.

The aim of this project is to provide a prototypical implementation
(port) of the Plan 9 OS for a 32 bit (RV32I) RISC V platform (virtual
and possibly FPGA based) including the provisioning of basic
device drivers (e.g., timer, serial interface, SPI for SD cards). Here,
possible steps include:

* Writing RISC-V assembly to boot the system and enter into C on an emulator
* Writing basic device drivers for a set of peripheral devices
* Handling syscalls in the compiler/linker
* Adapting the basic lib9 library to run on RISC V
* Setup and test of the ported system in an emulator, e.g. qemu


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