DT8112 Research topics in Healthcare Informatics

Objectives and form

This subject is organised as a seminar series for PhD students with an informatics background or others with special interest.
It challenges PhD candidates to  do high-quality computer science and relevalid healthcare informatics research, - at the same time. In the seminar, students will present an analysis of their core problem area through a triangulation beetween important basic theory papers and and application papers. The analysis of the set of papers "that I´d like to have written myself", is presented as requirements and objectives for the different dimensions of the core problem. The figure underneath tries to visualize this, but the seminar will of course discuss and adapt this simplistic model. The seminar will try to prepare the students for systematic dual publications: Both enriching computer science with application-driven research and develop healthcare informatics by adapting and applying fundamendtal research results. 

Each student will present:
The objectives of the course are to

Figure showing dimensions of application/basic theory and the analysis/synthesis process

Coordinates, 2004-2005

Preliminary plan, tentative for 2005

Thursday 11.11.04
Introduction, objectives, discussion
Lillian presents core problem and relevant research
Øystein Nytrø
Lillian Røstad
Thursday 18.11.04 1215-1400
Thomas presents
Ole presents
Thomas Brox Røst,
Ole Edsberg
Thursday 25.11.04 1215-1400 Ståle presents
Per Håkon presents
Ståle Walderhaug
Per Håkon Meland
Thursday 06.01.05 1215-1400 Stein presents
Analysis discussion and summary
Stein Løkke Tomassen
Øystein Nytrø
Thursday 13.01.05 1215-1400 Synthesis
Thomas Brox Røst, Lillian Røstad
Thursday 20.01.05 1215-1400 Synthesis
Ståle Walderhaug, Ole Edsberg
Thursday 27.01.05 1215-1400 Synthesis
Per Håkon Meland, Stein Løkke Tomassen
Thursday 03.02.05 1215-1400
Closing words: Challenges for healthcare informatics
Øystein Nytrø